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Welcome to
The Nurture Queen

Nourish your skin. Nurture your soul.

Welcome to The Nurture Queen, a Natural Skin Care Store started in 2018, by myself - a young mother and woman of color. The Nurture Queen started shortly after I gave birth to my baby girl. I quickly realized how sensitive her skin was to commercial skin care, so I ordered a bunch of natural skin care ingredients, and began whipping up our very own skin care in my kitchen! Since then, our skin has flourished and its literally the only thing we use! I started sharing my butters and balms with friends and family, and to date, The Nurture Queen has become my passion and labor of love! I am committed to providing you with the same high quality products at incomparable prices, with the service and attention you deserve. Send me a message, I would love to chat! 

With Love,

- The Nurture Queen

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